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This  hybrid 84-hour Orthodontic Assistant Training course offers training in a specialty field for graduates of our dental assistant course or current dental assistants working in the field. It will provide an extended study of dental assisting techniques with emphasis on four-handed dentistry and utilization of armamentarium for orthodontic procedures.

Students will be exposed to the necessary clinical, laboratory, and front-office techniques and procedures required in the orthodontic dental care environment. It is the goal of all MCP dentistowned orthodontic schools to train each student to a level of proficiency that will allow them to qualify for immediate employment at an orthodontic office upon completion of the course.

Week One

Students are introduced to the profession of Orthodontic Dentistry and the responsibilities of the dental health team and HIPPA regulations as related to patient confidentiality. You will learn the various orthodontic instruments, and equipment as well as their parts and uses and practice instrument transfer methods. You'll become familiar with the different components of the orthodontic operatory and the dental chair how to operate the various orthodontic instruments.

Week Two

This week you are taught and asked to prepare a dental chart using appropriate symbols and abbreviations using hand charts and in Dolphin Patient Management Software. We will review the different parts that comprise the orthodontic appliance. The basic parts of the orthodontic appliance, Elastomeric ligatures, Steel ligatures, Common intra-oral auxiliaries, as well as some non-traditional appliances. You will learn the types of orthodontic wires for each phase of treatment including selecting, inserting, and tying in an initial wire in a newly bonded patient.

Week Three

Students will learn the indications for treatment and how orthodontic headgear works in correcting malocclusion problems and review procedures for taking quality panoramic x-rays. Covers the parts of the cephalometer and the steps in precise positioning of the patient to produce an accurate cephalometric headfilm. Students will learn to digitally chart and maintain patient diagnostic records on orthodontic patient software. The student will learn a system for producing excellent alginate impressions in a practice.

Week Four

A fun week where digital photography basics are learned and the uses of digital photographs at the New Patient Exam. Learn the different categories of secondary appliances, are introduced to appliance fabrication and learn the common secondary appliances including how to assure patient compliance, trimming and polishing. Learn how appliances are placed including the purpose, and types of separators, bands, and bonded appliances, the proper procedure for cementing bands, mixing liquid/powder cements, and how teeth should be prepared for bonding including the methods, and instruments used on bracket passing.

Week Five

This week dives into orthodontic removal & retention of orthodontic bands, brackets, adhesive, cement, attachments, and restoring the teeth to a high shine. Post treatment ortho procedures will be covered. Students are taught the process of selecting the best retention procedures with the patient following orthodontic tooth movement therapy.

Week Six

After taking impressions, models can be made. Students will learn about the different types of models and their purposes in orthodontics, steps in making quality working models and an overview of study models and their alternatives. You will work with gypsum and the equipment to produce models including the articulator, vacu-sopat, model trimmer, buffalo knife and vibrator. This lesson will focus primarily on Working Models and you'll learn every detail of preparing impressions for pouring, making a tongue, pouring the impression using the Vacumixer, pouring a base, preparing models for trimming, marking and trimming models to ABO standards, finishing and labeling.

Week Seven

Students will become familiar with Dolphin Imaging & Management Softwate utilized at most Orthodontic offices and will learn to capture, store and import photographs, X-rays, slides and other types of dental images as well as manual and automatic options for curating and editing images, including drag-and-drop, red eye reduction and enhancement features (e.g. brightness, contrast, hue, saturation). Students will learn how Orthodontists can contour a patient’s profile, use drawing tools and overlay images from other cases to produce a finished image that illustrates various treatment options.

Week Eight

Final Practical Exam and Final Written Exam! At the completion of your last day, you will have the confidence to walk out into the dental world, get an amazing career doing what you love, and get paid for it!


Dentist Assisting Academy

Online live video lectures on our LMS Platform.

85% hands-on learning with state of the art equipment.

Hands-On experience with students working on each other.

50-hour externship placement for experiential learning

Taught by highly experienced dental assistants and dental hygienist educators

Gain experience using dental software.

Lifetime Job placement support.

Certificate of Completion

Financial Options Available

Complete career training in only 12 weeks.

National Certification: DANB Radiology.

Basic Life Support / CPR Certification. Included with the program.

Dental training with a focus on core orthodontic clinical competencies.

If you're looking for a great career...

You're in the right place !

Are you ready to embark on a fast-paced career in dentistry, but you don’t want to spend years in school? If your answer is yes, the exciting field of dental assisting with orthodontic specialty may be for you.

OceanPointe Dental Assisting Academy is here to help. In just 8 weeks, our program teaches students the skills, technology, and orthodontic theory needed to succeed in a career as an orthodontic dental assistant.

With the backing of the OceanPointe 10-Dentist Advisory Board and independent dentist school owner’s combined 120+ years of daily practical experience, OceanPointe Dental Assisting Academy provides students with a detailed education in modern dental assisting practices, complete with hands-on training from practicing dental professionals in OceanPointe Dental Assisting Academy practices.

OceanPointe was founded to provide Get In, Get Out, Get Paid affordable vocation training where students can graduate and launch a career almost debt-free!

Academy Courses, Competencies & Graduation

OceanPointe Dental Assisting Academy Orthodontic Assisting Program is designed to prepare students for work in fast-paced orthodontic offices.

The program teaches students orthodontic theory, the orthodontic assistant’s role as a team member, their legal responsibility, ethical behavior, and professional conduct, as well as the clinical techniques and skills needed to perform in the orthodontic office.

Program Structure & Schedule

An 8-Week program is offered four times per year. Our 2021 Courses Schedule is:

Winter: January – March
Spring: April – June
Summer: July – August
Fall: September – November

The 84-hour program consists of live online lecture hours and clinical hours of dental assisting.

Graduation Requirements & Certifications

To qualify for graduation from the academy, the dental assisting student must have:
  1. Earn a “C” or better in the didactic, lab, and clinical courses.
  2. Successful completion of each course in the school.
  3. Paid all fees and fines owed to the school.
  4. Return any school equipment and materials checked out to the student.


During the program, OceanPointe Dental Assisting Academy will arrange with the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB), and any other state-required testing to take the Radiation Safety course and exam to obtain a certificate in Radiation Safety.

CPR certification is provided by the American Heart Association/Health Care Provider or the American Red Cross/Professional Rescuer is a prerequisite for an OceanPointe dental assistant graduate.



* Testimonials from our happy students across the nation.

We are proud to provide the most comprehensive dental assisting program nationwide, our students receive knowledge from prestigious members of the dental community and practice hands-on with state of the art equipment at each of our locations. We take your future seriously.